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Designing The Perfect Menu

Those brand new area rugs and that spiffy dining room paint job might look great, but all customers will remember about your restaurant is the food. Unfortunately, if you design a lackluster menu, your guests might not be tempted to try some of your best dishes. In my twenty years in the restaurant business, I have made some mistakes and had more than a few successes. I want to share the things with you that really work, so that you can enjoy your early days as a restaurant owner. Operating a restaurant is hard, but by heeding the right advice, you can enjoy the journey.


3 Reasons To Use The Fold Hold For New York-Style Pizza

New Yorkers have strong feelings about the method used to eat the style of pizza that's associated with their city. In fact, they take it so seriously that the pizza-eating methods of the 2016 presidential candidates were a topic of heated discussion during the New York presidential primaries. Eating with your hands is definitely the preferred method – eating pizza with a knife and fork will attract derision from New York natives. Read More 

Four Things To Look For In An Event Venue For Your Small Party

If you are planning a small family party for an occasion like a graduation, birthday, or engagement, then you want to make sure you choose an appropriate venue for the event. There are many local restaurants and catering facilities that can accommodate smaller groups of up to 50 people, so you'll have to narrow down your options and choose from the best. To help you do just that, take a look at these four factors to consider when choosing an event space for your small party. Read More 

Tips For Planning Your Next Pizza Party

Your favorite local pizza restaurant can be an ideal place for hosting a party. These restaurants often have ample space, and the variety of different types of dishes can ensure your guests will have something that they can eat. In order to plan an enjoyable and effective pizza party, you should incorporate several basic tips into your party planning process. Inquire About A Party Section If you will be hosting a large number of people, it can be extremely disruptive to other patrons of the restaurant for your guests to be in the main dining area. Read More 

2 Reasons To Hire A Catering Service For Your Event

One of the best resources at your disposal, if you are throwing an event for your business or for your friends and family, is a catering service, mostly due to the fact that they can take a lot of the work and effort out of planning and throwing that event for you. Listed below are two reasons to hire a catering service for your event. They Can You A Lot Of Time And Effort Read More