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Designing The Perfect Menu

Those brand new area rugs and that spiffy dining room paint job might look great, but all customers will remember about your restaurant is the food. Unfortunately, if you design a lackluster menu, your guests might not be tempted to try some of your best dishes. In my twenty years in the restaurant business, I have made some mistakes and had more than a few successes. I want to share the things with you that really work, so that you can enjoy your early days as a restaurant owner. Operating a restaurant is hard, but by heeding the right advice, you can enjoy the journey.


Tips For Booking And Enjoying A Ride On A Fine Dining Train

When you ride on a fine dining train, you get to enjoy a delicious meal and views of the countryside, all at once! There are several dinner trains across the country. You can see everything from canyons to grassy meadows this way. To ensure you have a wonderful excursion, follow these tips when booking your tickets and riding along.

Check the table size when booking tickets

On most dinner trains, there are a few different table options. One train car may have tables that seat four, while another car may have tables that seat two. Pay attention to this when booking your tickets. If you book just two tickets at a four-person table, for instance, you will be dining with two strangers. This can be a great experience, of course, but it's a different experience than dining with just your partner or travel companion. Some trains will offer a discount if you book an entire 4-person table as a group. Others will only let you book at a two-person table if you're buying a single ticket. Overall, just make sure you check table size and book at a table you're comfortable with.

Don't expect to be transported to a new town

Traditionally, people ride on trains to get from Point A to Point B. But transportation should not be your goal on a dinner train. Most dinner train rides are not intended to take you from one city to the next. Rather, these rides tend to depart and arrive at the same station, simply providing you with a tour along the way. For instance, you may depart Train Station X at 5:00, ride for 3 hours while eating and seeing the scenery and arrive back at Train Station X at 8:00.

Make sure you select your menu options

Some dinner trains serve the same courses to everyone on board. But it is more common for these tours to give you a few choices. You may get to choose one of three entrees, one of three appetizers, and one of three desserts, for instance. Be sure to make your selections when booking so that the dinner train staff can prepare accordingly. If you don't select options, you may be served whatever's left, which may or may not be your preference.

Riding on a dinner train is sure to be a memorable experience. Just make sure you check the table size, plan on taking a round trip, and select your dinner options prior to departure.